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Customizable, Printable Home Binder Notebook Pages

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Here are the printable organizing templates I use in my homemaking and homesteading binders,  free for the taking. Check them out and see if they might be useful in your notebook as you try to get more organized while managing your home or farm! The only ones that should date themselves would be the monthly calendar, but that should be simple to edit.


2012 Calendars- I love having these calendars in my binder. I’ve come to the point where they not only remind me of appointments and birthdays and such, but I also use them to jot small notes about the day that I’d like to remember. New words or funny sentences the children spoke. Little activities. I don’t do that nearly as often as I’d like, but enough that they have become a keepsake. For homesteading purposes, I’ll also mark seed-sowing dates so that I’m not referencing numerous locations.
Cleaning (Monthly & Seasonal Cleaning Outlines; Natural Cleaners Recipes)
Monthly Budgets- 2 week & 4 week
Financial Checklists– Home Improvements; Purchase List; Savings Log

{Recommended Resources}

Customizable, Printable Home Binder Notebook Pages


Dairy Production Calendar- Use a calendar to easily record daily dairy collection for the month. Each day of the week is color coded for use with our system of color-coded milk labeling. 
Dairy Production Chart- Records monthly tallies from the Dairy Production Calendar
Expense Charts– 2012 Expense Records for Garden, Cattle, Hogs, Layers, and Broilers
Homestead Yields-  Record current & previous years production totals and record the difference to analyze homestead yields and growth
Layer Production Chart Print one for each month to record your daily egg totals. Record that number on the final sheet for annual production

Customizable, Printable Home Binder Notebook Pages


Homesteading– Includes one for Homesteading, Records, Produce, Poultry, Hogs, and Cattle

{Menu Planning}

Grocery Planner– Grocery Planner & Menu Planner Coversheets (are pretty pixelated- I don’t know if that would fix itself upon download or not, but just in case I made 2 separate coversheets and posted them with the others above); 12 month/4 week Menu Planner; Price List, Pantry Inventory; Freezer Inventory

Note: Since I am using Pages, that any document you choose to download may or may not require a bit of tweaking (hopefully just with font type, size, and colors because when I’m seeing the .doc file those are the only changes I see needing made. Of course, you could choose to print the pdf in which case they simply become a write-in-the-blank template like in year’s past. Speaking of fonts, if you would like to download the fonts I used for your own use, I chose BakerScript & Miss Brooks. This year instead of sharing write-in-the-blank templates with you all for your own Homemaking Binder, I’ve uploaded my templates to the internet so that you can download and type in your own plans and customize the look of the pages to suit yourself. I hope that you will find them helpful in organizing your home or your homestead. Any feedback is most greatly appreciated!

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