At Reformation Acres we have a vision. We’re living a simple agrarian life, raising our children to enjoy meaningful work and good food. We seek to reform our farm into a beautiful, productive land that glorifies the Lord and honors His design in creation.

Going beyond organic, we’re learning to use natural and sustainable solutions to grow and raise nutrient-dense food while exercising dominion and mindful stewardship of the land and livestock.

Our most recent venture has been the starting of a micro-dairy! With our (very small) herd of Jersey cows, we now have a pasture-based raw milk herdshare north of Columbus in central Ohio. From start to finish, the cows on our farm and milk they give are handled with care, always mindful that it will be enjoyed raw in order to protect the vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and beneficial bacteria found in the milk.

We are currently accepting new shareholders and would be delighted to care for your cow for you!

Soli deo gloria!

Bill & Quinn