• How to Cure & Smoke Bacon
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Why We Feed Our Family Cow Grain
  • How We Use the Bible For Our Homeschool Curriculum

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Boo hoo. We’ve decided it’s time we ought to sell Maby. And by “we”, I mean my less sentimental half. After all, she’s Maybelle’s baby!  Maybelle, the one who started … Continue Reading →


Why We Feed Our Family Milk Cow Grain


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~Rouge & Romans~

A Rouge vif d’etampes  pumpkin & Romans 5:8 came together to make a new and free desktop background wallpaper to make things feel more fall-ish when you pop on your … Continue Reading →


Fresh Spanish Rice

Growing up, Spanish Rice was a dish I’ve best described as Unstuffed Peppers. Since I could never stuff peppers and actually get the rice to cook, Unstuffed Peppers (Spanish Rice) … Continue Reading →

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